Fallout Inspired Leather Jacket

As an avid hoodie collector, I had this idea to design my next one. Went through a few design ideas but the one-sleeved leather jacket armour from Fallout was always a favourite one of mine. I decided that I would have a hybrid mix of leather and cotton (I was in Montreal at the time, and weather can be really harsh for 9 months (2 really hot months and 7 really cold ones)). I then went through a few seamstress that were taking commissions online and found Monster Muffin. Located in Ontario, she's a badass derby uniform designer and was looking for something to break her normal routine. She really picked up on what I wanted to do and I knew I had found the right person.

The real difficulty would be the fitting. Being so far away we needed to rely on communication to make it happen. The end product was amazing! It turned into more of a spring/winter coat than hoodie, but definitely a collection piece. A few action poses below!