Duo tone Mora - League of Legends inspired sheath

One of my friend was looking for a different kind of sheath for this Mora Companion blade. I was unfamiliar with the blade at the time, but after researching it a for bit, it became apparent that I now needed a Mora as well. Thanks, JS.

I ended up buying two of them and then were shipped in an awful sheath. Something akin to a very large felt marker cap; colour: Green. Ewww...

I was playing the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) League of Legends at the time and inspiration came from a few of the futuristic character skins that were coming out. I decided to use the heavy gauge black Kydex I bought for the kukri (.125ga) and the Tiffany Blue (.06ga) to act as a inner "glowing" layer. My friend wanted a knife that could be drawn from a backpack strap as well as from the belt. This was an interesting difficulty because the Mora Companion blade is a pretty small blade and the fixtures to make it possible to switch between drawing position is a bit big.

As I thought, I found the fixtures to be a bit bulky and the high gauge Kydex that I opted for was a pain to work with. The sheath is functional, but I don't think I will continue the sculpting process for the details. I will start over with a smaller gauge for the outside shell. It still came out ok and was a good exercise.