Duo tone Mora - League of Legends inspired sheath

One of my friend was looking for a different kind of sheath for this Mora Companion blade. I was unfamiliar with the blade at the time, but after researching it a for bit, it became apparent that I now needed a Mora as well. Thanks, JS.

I ended up buying two of them and then were shipped in an awful sheath. Something akin to a very large felt marker cap; colour: Green. Ewww...

I was playing the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) League of Legends at the time and inspiration came from a few of the futuristic character skins that were coming out. I decided to use the heavy gauge black Kydex I bought for the kukri (.125ga) and the Tiffany Blue (.06ga) to act as a inner "glowing" layer. My friend wanted a knife that could be drawn from a backpack strap as well as from the belt. This was an interesting difficulty because the Mora Companion blade is a pretty small blade and the fixtures to make it possible to switch between drawing position is a bit big.

As I thought, I found the fixtures to be a bit bulky and the high gauge Kydex that I opted for was a pain to work with. The sheath is functional, but I don't think I will continue the sculpting process for the details. I will start over with a smaller gauge for the outside shell. It still came out ok and was a good exercise.

Onyx - The Project That Almost Was

After working as an analyst for 2 years and constantly asking for it, I was finally invited to join as Project Coordinator in one of the ongoing projects at work. Aimed at the the residential and small business markets, by bringing to market a series of 3 types of cameras. It was intended to compete in the DropCam arena but with the exterior or ceiling models to cover more surface.

I've learned a lot about joining a project team late in the game and found a new appreciation for "long shots". I was given a very strict deadline when I first sat down: it needed to be done in a month. It wasn't unrealistic, the project was already 80% done and was basically suffering from technical difficulties that, I thought at the time, would be easily solved through revising the project scope and deliverables.

Had it been that easy, I would have spent the whole month trying to debate why our biggest obstacle to our main technical problem (e-commerce subscription model), was ourselves. I would have kept bringing a different solution each week (which I did) and finally succeeded in convincing the sponsors to accept to show a bit of flexibility and compromise with a slightly different model, at least temporarily, until a better solution was found (which, unfortunately, I didn't).

Instead, the deadline was pushed again.

Had it been that easy, it wouldn't have affected how I understood project management like I did after it was all done. I wouldn't have learned to deal with team fatigue, disengagement from other employees, or head strong sponsors.

We finally were able to go to market six months after I joined...
..but the product line was abandoned not long after the launch, when its main sponsor stepped down as CEO and his successor was not as hopeful as he was.

Thermal Plastic shaping - Mushroom Kingdom Issued Blade

I've always had a fascination with the capacity of metal to adopt a shape through applied pressure. Seeing how I wouldn't be building a forge anytime soon, I decided that I would work with Kydex instead.

The name might be unfamiliar, but you have certainly came in contact with some form of it during your life. It's the back of an airplane seat, the side of the fuselage that, if you get a window seat, you get to rest your head on. Kydex is a thermal plastic that, when heated near its boiling point, can be shaped using applied pressure.

But first, I would need a work bench:

I had never built a workbench before. I'm made a few cigar boxes, bubblegum machine and bird house in high school... I am usually the designer and find someone to make it for me afterwards (thanks dad!).

Turns out I can also build heavy duty stuff. Seeing how sturdy it was, I had a different idea for the press. I fitted the bottom of the workbench with heavy gauge metal rings at the bottom to hook the strapping system and use the whole workbench as a press.

So after a quick press test, I was happy with the results, and I still have the same setup since then. I've also did my best to reduce my noise output by isolating a wall that I share with the neighbor. It won't muffle it completely, but it will help with the shopvac noise.

I decided that my first project would be a Cold Steel Double Agent blade. It was a thin enough blade that I could use my free Kydex samples (Thanks to the super nice customer support rep Penny!) to make a new sheath for it.

It was easy to work the thin Kydex gauge (.06). It was a nice small starting project but will need to find a better Dremel bit. The design didn't come out with as much details I would have liked. Next time, I might try just taking the extra time and hand sculpting and filing it down.

Onvii Studio-Loft

This idea came about with one of my best friends to create a video platform to monetize online video. In order to achieve this, we thought it would be a good idea to start a studio where people could rent time slots to record and then broadcast their creation online.

The year was 2008, and the studio would only see day in the summer of 2010. We had the opportunity of having most of Montreal's influential DJs, VJs, and even some political parties, grace our decks or dais. The studio was a success until we closed our doors in December 2012.

At our peak, we were running 3 cameras and a projector through an ATEM's render rig, encoded in multiple formats, streamed using Silverlight Smooth Streaming. We would get a 30 seconds latency from what was live in the studio out to any mobile devices (except Android, since it didn't support SSS fully back then).

We had 3 regular weekly shows, a Friday headliner depending on who was playing in Montreal that week. We had a small staff of 3 other members who, like us, wore many hats around the studio. Managing people that aren't getting paid isn't without it fair share of difficulties, I found that it helps greatly when people are working with a sense of belonging and self-interest.

Due to its location and popularity, we would rent out the studio for exclusive event afterparties for events like MUTEK or Toy Company over the weekend. When we weren't necessarily filming, we also held quite a few art installations, from artists such as Regimental Oneton and Peter Farmer

Fallout Inspired Leather Jacket

As an avid hoodie collector, I had this idea to design my next one. Went through a few design ideas but the one-sleeved leather jacket armour from Fallout was always a favourite one of mine. I decided that I would have a hybrid mix of leather and cotton (I was in Montreal at the time, and weather can be really harsh for 9 months (2 really hot months and 7 really cold ones)). I then went through a few seamstress that were taking commissions online and found Monster Muffin. Located in Ontario, she's a badass derby uniform designer and was looking for something to break her normal routine. She really picked up on what I wanted to do and I knew I had found the right person.

The real difficulty would be the fitting. Being so far away we needed to rely on communication to make it happen. The end product was amazing! It turned into more of a spring/winter coat than hoodie, but definitely a collection piece. A few action poses below!