Failing to plan is planning to fail

-- Ron Watmough

Sebastien Gagnon

Born in Gatineau on the border separating Ontario and Québec, I acquired English as a second language at a very young age. This effectively eliminated any form of accent but also opened the door to learning other languages like German, Spanish, and Japanese.

I was lucky to have early access to an Apple ][ computer when I was 6, it skyrocketed my passion and extensive knowledge of computer systems. At 12, I was already on the internet using Unix mainframes to access Gopher, Archie, and Veronica, but I had a special love for IRC. This was to be the beginning of the rest of my online life.

I spent my college years in a mix of Human Sciences with a world political angle and communication through Cinematography. I really wished that I could have continued a career in film, but a difference of opinions on the state of the Québec movie scene pushed me towards technology instead. I did discover a knack for planning in my movie making years, something that would turn into my real passion, Project Managment.

Since fully embracing the world of Information Technology, I have acquired a lot of knowledge, a few certifications (including a Certified Associate in Project Management from PMI), and a powerful draw towards planning, executing, and closing projects of all sizes.

Skills Overview

French and English spoken as native languages.
Basic understanding of German, Spanish, and Japanese. Some computer languages include: Basic, C++, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT.

Comfortable using and troubleshooting Mac OS or Windows OS equally; working knowledge of Unix and Linux OS, as well as their mobile equivalents.

Extended knowledge of Office suite (Open and MS), Adobe Creation Suite (except Illustrator), 3D software (3DS Max, Maya, Lightwave), video editing software (Premiere, Avid, Insight), and social media platforms (personal and professional versions) Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Squarespace. Also including publishing and metric apps like Hootsuite and Google Analytics.

Some Personal Achievements

Best Movie, Société Radio Canada, 2001

Best Original Soundtrack, Société Radio Canada, 2001

2nd place ad contest, EON Magazine, 2004

2 times Guinness World Record Holder for World Biggest Online Secret Santa Exchange, 2011 and 2012


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